Steam Generating Irons Make the Task of Ironing Quicker and Easier

Ironing of clothes is a task that can be never ending in large families, and can require a lot of effort. Any method of cutting down the time and effort of this chore can be a boon for hard-pressed housewives, or others required to perform this task. Sending your clothes to the cleaners or appointing a maid can be an alternative, but can be quite expensive.

It is where technology can come to the rescue, and the use of irons that generate steam during the ironing can make the work much simpler. These irons are very similar in appearance to the traditional irons but have a different method of construction, which allows the irons to have many benefits. The earlier models of steam irons used to have water added to a tank that was a part of the iron, but in the case of steam generator irons, there is a separate base unit that is large enough to serve as both boiler and water tank. This arrangement allows for the generation of steam at a much higher pressure and in greater quantities.

These steam generating irons have a hollow hose that connects the steam to the base of the iron. The high pressure of steam penetrates deep into the fabric being ironed. Ironing then becomes faster and easier, significantly reducing the effort required for this chore. The absence of the water tank makes steam generator irons light and easy to handle. There is not only a lot of time saved in ironing; as much as 50 percent, but the quality of ironing is also better, and the effect lasts longer.


Steam generator irons develop a pressure that is between 4 and 5 bars (1 bar is approx one atmosphere), and outputs can be between 70 to 120 grams per minute. Tank capacities of over one liter are desirable, and must be decided on the volume of ironing to be undertaken so that frequent topping up of the water is not required. The sole plate material can make a lot of difference to the ease of ironing. Some of the better models of steam generating irons can have anti-scale systems in their base units.

Traditional irons have a unit that is self-contained and plugged in directly into a power outlet. A steam generator iron consists of two parts, one the body which is the iron that is handheld and a base unit that connects to the handheld unit by a hose. The handheld unit is therefore quite light and easy to manipulate. The base unit is the place where the water is heated and stored, and the steam generated in it travels to the handheld unit via the hose that connects it to the sole plate of the iron.

The amount of steam generated in a steam generator iron is of greater quantity as larger quantities of water are available, and higher pressures created. Larger amounts of steam lead to easier manipulation of the fabrics being ironed. Wrinkles are easily removed, and the ironing process is much smoother. The time spent in ironing is substantially reduced, and the use of these steam generating irons also increases the life and quality of the fabric. The handheld unit of these irons are light and this makes it easy to guide them over clothes that are being ironed. You can also have irons that have thermostats that allow the steam to be switched off, and the iron can then be used like a dry iron. It is important the power point being used for these irons not be used by other devices so that load tripping is avoided in electrical circuits.